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Traditionally Made Bespoke Shepherds Huts

All Mushroom huts are bespoke; they are crafted with care to the very highest specification to be used all year round and last a lifetime.

The starting point of the shepherd hut build is the relationship that we have with you the client.

We want to achieve a clear understanding of the intended use for your hut including where it will be positioned. It may be extra space for guests, a home office, artist studio, writing hut, for rental or perhaps a fishing or shooting hut. Only when we have a clear understanding of your vision will the build commence.

Constructed with Care.

  • We start by taking great care in sourcing either antique or new cast iron wheels. We add these wheels to solid steel axles crafted by our blacksmith Ian rather than stub axles for extra strength. Again our turning plates are antique or new. Ian makes individual tow bars in his forge that look truly superb.
  • We construct the chassis using locally sourced oak and ash. It is constructed in the traditional way and then oiled numerous times to provide protection against the elements. The base of the hut is made of 18mm marine grade plywood with faces and edges sealed before installation.
  • We then add 40mm Celotex fire resistant insulation board and cover with 12mm WBP plywood. A treated softwood framework forms the walls of our huts. Once again we add Celotex fire resistant insulation board and then line with 12mm WBP plywood. Externally the walls and roof are then wrapped in Monarperm 500 breathable membrane and clad with corrugated iron in the traditional 13/3 profile with a 0.7mm sheet thickness. A range of colours are available.
  • Internally the walls are lined with 13mm tongue and groove softwood. The floor is normally reclaimed oak but we encourage our clients to personalise their huts using materials of their choice. Storage space, cupboards, tables and beds etc. can be discussed as the build commences.
  • We use oak for our windows and doors constructed to the highest standard of craftsmanship with double glazed windows. The steps to your hut are made using 8” x 2” oak boards. Where possible we use local skilled craftsmen and women to achieve our high level of finish.

Features of the Mushroom Hut.

On a regular basis we highlight a particular feature or product which we have used in a clients Mushroom Hut.

This antique Charles Portway No.1 cast iron 'Tortoise' stove dating from the late 19th / early 20th century was recently used in one our huts. Measuring 30cm diameter x 52cm high these stoves are ideal for adding warmth and charater to your hut.

Each Mushroom of Farnham hut has a beautifully crafted mushroom made by our blacksmith Ian. Individually numbered it is placed somewhere on the hut to act as a unique reference for each build.

We have just been instructed by a client to make a copy of this traditional French shepherd's hut. We have sourced three superb antique wheels and our blacksmith has started fabricating the chassis.